If you have already received an invite from us via email, you may login to the Patient Portal Website by clicking here or by visiting www.MyHealthRecord.com.

Our New Patient Portal requires that our office send you, as the patient, an invite to the Patient Portal website. If you would like to be a member of our Patient Portal, please give us a call at the office (334-528-0078) with your email address and we will gladly send out an invite to your email address.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member of our Patient Portal are:

  • You will have access to all of your health records from our office
  • You can update your information- change of insurance, new address, change of name, new medications, etc.
  • You can view when your next appointment is
  • You can request an appointment or even reschedule an appointment
  • You can ask the Doctor or Nurse a clinical question
  • You can ask the Insurance/Billing department a question