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Patient Information on Coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19:

If you have Asthma:

​Points to Note:

  • Continue your asthma medications including inhalers

  • For those on biologics, continue those

  • There is no current evidence that patients with controlled asthma are at any more risk of acquiring the virus than any other person, but you still must take the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC

​Points to Note:

  • Those with Allergic Asthma MAY be less likely to acquire this coronavirus but should continue your asthma medications and still take the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC

If you have an Immune System Deficiency:

  3/18/20 Update -

  5/8/20 Update -

​Points to Note:

  • Viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19, are attacked by the cellular part of the immune system

  • Patients with a T-cell immunodeficiency (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, DiGeorge's Syndrome, etc.) need to be extra cautious.  At this time, East Alabama Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology does NOT have any patients with a T-cell immunodeficiency.

  • Patients with an antibody deficiency (IgG deficiency, Specific Antibody Deficiency, etc.) is at no more risk than the general public in acquiring the virus. If you are on Ig infusions, continue those to help prevent other infections from setting in and making you then more susceptible.

  • This coronavirus is a novel virus, thus Ig infusions do not contain antibodies against it

  • Ig infusions are filtered/treated by the manufacturer to be free of viruses and bacteria

coronavirus vs other sx.png

We are open.  Most patient encounters are by Televisit or Phone Call Visit.  At this time, we do not accept walk-ins or urgent visits. We do not see sick patients. Procedures and testing are being done in exam rooms. There are HEPA filters with UV lights in each exam room and each lobby. Non-essential items have been removed from rooms and all surfaces in contact are being cleaned regularly.


  • The number of patients inside the office building will be limited. 

  • Per state order, all patients are to wear facemasks.

  • We will have CDC-recommended concentration hand gel you must use when entering the office

  • Your temperature will be taken and the COVID19 symptom screening questions will be reviewed

  • Transfer of paper will be minimized (receipts can be emailed or mailed to you)

  • Persons in the Exam Room will be limited to the patient only except for situations where the patient requires assistance, eg., parent/child, elderly, and patients with disabilities.

  • Providers and staff will wear facemasks.

  • Office and exam rooms will be cleaned and disinfected between patients, at the start of the day, and at the end of the day.

  • All staff will be screened for symptoms of COVID19 including the taking of temperatures each day upon arrival at the facility. Any staff with any signs or symptoms will be immediately sent home or referred to the appropriate health care facility.

Shot clinic is open. You will be screened at the entrance lobby and expected to wait in the lobby after your shot. Chairs are separated by at least 6 feet. 

To arrange a TeleVisit or Phone Call Visit, please call the front desk at 334-528-0078 to make the visit date/time, confirm insurance coverage, pay copay, and be triaged to a TeleVisit or Phone Call Visit.  TeleVisit is done on a computer through the Patient Portal or through your smartphone/iPad through the Healow App and allows for audio and video interaction with the provider; this is the better alternative and allows appropriate documentation of your condition as you will complete a pre-visit questionnaire on the portal just prior to the TeleVisit. Please review the details of the TeleVisit process by clicking here. Phone Call Visits are audio-only and only certain insurance companies allow such PhoneCall Visits and the time is generally limited to 5-15 minutes with the provider.

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